We’re happy to offer driveway solutions to residential homeowners, commercial property managers, and other business owners, to ensure your asphalt stays fresh and well paved. If your driveway is in need of repair or removal and replacement, we’re the crew to call. Both driveway repair and replacement solutions are available depending on the condition of your current driveway.


In addition to removal and replacement of existing driveways, we also offer our customers solutions for new driveway developments. 

2018 Projects
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5-Star Rating
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324 Market St. Rear

Lemoyne, PA 17043


PA Home Improvement Contractor #010065


CMI Paving is looking for skilled and qualified individuals to join our team. If you’re interested in a career with CMI Paving, please contact us today. Thanks for your interest in CMI Paving!

Service Areas

  • Cumberland County
  • Dauphin County
  • Perry County

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